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S.E.C. Group is a pioneering, global manufacturer specializing in high-quality garment accessories. With a commitment to excellence, we have expanded our operations worldwide, establishing manufacturing facilities in Turkey and Cambodia to meet the increasing demand for a complete range of top-tier trim products.

Our rapidly expanding S.E.C. network is now represented globally, with sales and technical support strategically located in key locations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Holland, Italy, Turkey, and the USA. This widespread presence enables us to serve global and local brands effectively, providing them with unparalleled access to our innovative product offerings and industry-leading expertise.

At S.E.C., we boast a large-scale production capacity that welcomes brands to experience the quality and ingenuity of our products firsthand. Recognized by our clients as an industry leader in high-quality heat transfers, we are dedicated to continually introducing innovative new products, finishes, and techniques to the garment industry, all to enhance "brand value" for our partners worldwide.

This revision seeks to strengthen the company's positioning by emphasizing its commitment to excellence, expanding global reach, and focusing on innovation and value creation in the garment industry.

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Silicone Transfer

With a mixture of traditional and modern techniques, we can bring you a variety of Silicone Transfers with different designs, styles and effects.
  • Custom-made shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.
  • Anti-slip and rubber hand-feel.
  • Wide range of effects:
    • Metallic color, neon color, glitter, gradation, glossy or matte effects, and many others.


Silicone transfer which is applied on pique fabric should be in larger minimum line width (3mm).
The finishing of the fabric will also affect the application of Silicone transfer so the softener is not recommended before heat transfer application.


3D Silicone Transfer with Gold reflective color

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S.E.C. Accessories Limited is a pioneering, worldwide manufacturer of garment accessories.
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